the phantoms came to meet him...

a multimedia dialogue of original gothic horror short films, images and soundscapes. Updated monthly. Issue 1 THE UNCANNY debuts September 29th 2012.

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"the phantoms came to meet him" functions as a monthly multimedia journal, and its focus will be on work related to gothic horror, Eurohorror/erotic horror, poetes maudits, and punk-impressionism. Submitted work should have a Remodernist aesthetic (texture/rougher aesthetics, emotional resonance, exploring atmosphere/mood/time, and experimental narrative) Work submitted should be challenging and take risks.

The purpose of the project is multifold: to provide a more intelligent, emotional, textured and experimental alternative to what people consider gothic horror nowadays; for artists to participate in a project that will act as an ongoing dialogue between us; and hopefully will serve as an opportunity for participants to develop new collaborative projects based off of the fragments that are submitted.

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