the phantoms came to meet him...

a multimedia dialogue of original gothic horror short films, images and soundscapes. Updated monthly. Issue 1 THE UNCANNY debuts September 29th 2012.

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DRY MOUTH (Chris Marsh / UK / 2012/HD) 

When a pandemic spreads across the globe all hope is lost.

On day zero, to sleep is to dream.

On day one, to sleep is to die.

On day ten, to sleep is madness.


Director - Chris Marsh

Writer(s) - Chris Marsh & Ivy Alvarez

Runner - Laurynas Taunys

Make Up - Meg Button

Music - Lesbian Horse

Editor - Chris Marsh


The Man - Richard Highgate

The Woman - Marilyn Anne Winters

The Man (2) - Gavin Sims

The Radio DJ - Hywel Jones