the phantoms came to meet him...

a multimedia dialogue of original gothic horror short films, images and soundscapes. Updated monthly. Issue 1 THE UNCANNY debuts September 29th 2012.

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WORM: an alternative short (Chris Marsh / UK / 2012/VHS) 

A look into the mind of an unbalanced man in an unbalanced city.


Director - Chris Marsh

Writer - Chris Marsh

VFX - Laurynas Taunys

Make Up - Meg Button

Sound - Laurence Hall

Music - Ant Dickinson

Editor - Chris Marsh

DIT - Loz Easterbrook / Jason Marsh


The Man - Gavin Sims

The Woman - Katie Moore

The Seductress - Nicola Rodgers

The Creature / Lady with the Red Hair - Rose Alford


Milkwood Gallery

The Coal Exchange

Hywel Jones

Gail Howard